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28-year-old Crystal Cicconetti of Painesville will join forces with a lifelong friend to get in shape and become what she describes as "a smokin' hot mom." She and her family have cut out processed food and dining out.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1st weekly weigh in at home

So it has been officially been a week since i started my workouts and I am down 3 pounds!! I am so excited!! If I can keep going at this rate I know I am on my way to an amazing new body and mind set!!! Ohhhhh I wish I could explain the how I feel in words!!!! I feel like I could just bounce around and run around the house yelling "I'm down 3 pounds!!!"; but I am sure the neighbors would think I am a nut. Tonight for dinner is going to be some chicken, asparagus, and brown rice! 


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