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28-year-old Crystal Cicconetti of Painesville will join forces with a lifelong friend to get in shape and become what she describes as "a smokin' hot mom." She and her family have cut out processed food and dining out.

Monday, April 30, 2012

post weigh in...

OK so at this last weigh in I lost a whopping 1.8 lbs. I know..I know... you are saying "well it is better than gaining now isn't in.." Well this is when I come in and say "yeah you're right" Well this is it! I was talking to some of my fellow contestants and I need to track my calories better. If I work out I need to be sure I am eating  little more. So today I payed very close attention to what I ate and actually wrote it down. I haven't gone to the gym today, but instead I took my nephew outside and chased him around until I was about to pass out! It felt so good being able to get outside and run around!!! My daughter and I are going to have a Wii date tonight playing Just Dance. I am hoping by the next weigh in to be down 5 lbs. instead of saying something like 10 or 15 pounds....Hey maybe I will shock you all and pull a big number!! It is getting close to grilling season which is my absolute favorite way to cook!!! I love roasting corn and grilling fresh veggies along with chicken and steaks....I can just smell it now!!! Ok well off I go to get moving!!!


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