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28-year-old Crystal Cicconetti of Painesville will join forces with a lifelong friend to get in shape and become what she describes as "a smokin' hot mom." She and her family have cut out processed food and dining out.

Monday, February 27, 2012

keeping it up

So we ad our 1st weigh in this past Saturday....I managed to only lose 2.8 pounds.....LAME!! In that moment I have never been so disappointed in myself. But this will not bring me down, I have my new YMCA membership in hand, and positive thoughts in my head!! I dropped my daughter off to school this morning and headed home to watch the news updates about the school shooting at my Alma Mater Chardon High School. It made me think how precious our time is, and with that I pushed myself to go workout. I want to be healthy for my daughter so with the time I have we can do things she will remember like taking bike rides, going for walks, and just doing fun active things! 

Tonight I am going up to the Y with my husband. I plan on taking full advantage of working out while my sister has my daughter for the evening..... My goal for the next weigh in is to be down about 15 pounds... I plan on keeping up with the exercising and I think I need to tweak my diet a little.... I am going to do some research online to see what needs to be changed. So I hope all goes well....


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